The 30 women competing for the affection of adult virgin Colton Underwood on The Bachelor this season have officially been revealed, and after a couple of self-serious cycles in 2018, Season 23 sees the welcome return of nonsense jobs. Is The Bachelor about to be fun again???

The cast's headshots and "character descriptions" are in the gallery below, but here are the big takeaways: Alex D. from Boston self-identifies as a "sloth," which means she's very lazy (in his intro livestream, host Chris Harrison said Alex is a sloth because "she has a slow roll into night one" related to how she gets out of the limo). Erin from Plano is "Cinderella," which The Bachelor can get away with because ABC is owned by Disney. 22-year-old Heather from Carlsbad's job is "never been kissed," so at least Colton isn't the least experienced person in the cast. There are two beauty queens in the cast, Miss North Carolina 2018 and Miss Alabama 2018, and they are rivals. There are two Hannahs and they're both from Alabama. There are no Laurens, which is shocking, considering there were nine Laurens in the previous three seasons. Chris Harrison hinted that Catherine, a 26-year-old DJ from Fort Lauderdale, is the villain of the season. He also said that he doesn't think Colton knows what a peach is, which was not a joke. Maybe Colton is secretly Charlie Kelly?

The Bachelor: Everything We Know About Colton's Season

Chris Harrison also revealed that the season premiere will be a three-hour live special that he described as a "viewing party that will stretch from East to West."

The Bachelor Season 23 premieres Monday, Jan. 7 at 8/7c on ABC.