Former star of The Bachelor Chris Soules' trial date has been set for Jan. 18, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Soules is facing charges of leaving the scene of a fatal accident stemming from a crash on April 24 in Aurora, Iowa. Soules' pickup truck struck a tractor driven by 66-year-old farmer Kenneth Mosher. Mosher was killed, and Soules was arrested at his home several hours later that night. He reported the accident and waited for emergency personnel to arrive, but left before police got there.

District attorneys allege that Soules' fleeing the scene prevented police from adequately assessing his level of intoxication at the time of the crash (empty beer cans were found in his truck). He has not been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. The charge he is facing is "HIT AND RUN — DEATH RESULTING, a Class D Felony," and he could serve up to five years in prison if found guilty.