The Bachelor finally revealed fan favorite Bekah's age; like we already pretty much knew, she's 22. And the 14-year age difference between her and Arie Luyendyk Jr. finally became the plot point we know it was going to be.

Bekah and Arie went on a horseback riding date. While they were out, the other girls speculated on whether Bekah's age would be a dealbreaker when Arie found out. They thought yes, but I'm thinking no. Arie won't choose Bekah at the end of this, but it won't be because of her age. It'll be because they ran out of stuff to talk about. Arie told Bekah a story about getting in a racing accident and it was the most we've heard him talk all season.

During dinner, he asked her if she'd be ready for a serious relationship and a boring, early-rising life, and she said yeah, maybe, if the moment was right, whatever. She said she likes to get up early in the morning and go rock climbing. She asked, "Do you know how old I am?" and he said no. She told him, and he got a pained expression on his face. Maybe I'm wrong; maybe Arie sees the age gap as unbridgeable. Now that he knows she's 22, he can't keep making out with her in good conscience.

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She explained that her whole family got married young, so it's not weird to her. He was worried that she wasn't ready for a relationship due to a lack of life experience, and she was like, "Sooooo whaaaaat?" He said he was looking for a wife, not a 22-year-old girlfriend. Then he looked in her doe eyes, ran his hand through her short hair, picked up the rose, and was like, "I'm worried this isn't going to work out, but I like making out with you, so will you accept this rose?"

He said he's taking a risk on her. Some of these other women are 401ks, while Bekah is bitcoin. She's very new and wildly unpredictable, but she's too attractive for romance speculators like Arie to ignore.

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