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And the Amazing Race 26 Winners Are...

Did a blind date couple prevail?

Joyce Eng

[WARNING: The following story contains spoilers about Friday's season finale of The Amazing Race. Read at your own risk.]

After hitting nine countries over 35,000 miles, three blind date teams -- Jenny and Jelani, Hayley and Blair, and Laura and Tyler -- and dating couple Mike and Rochelle face off for the $1 million on The Amazing Race.

The final four fly to Dallas and immediately head to AT&T Stadium, where there's a Roadblock: Mike, Tyler, Blair and Jelani have to retrieve a playbook from the ceiling before catching a touchdown pass and kicking for the extra point. Tyler and Blair finish 1-2, while Mike and Jelani can't kick to save their lives. Needless to say, Jenny is none too pleased.

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The next stop is P2 Ranch, where they have to corral cattle on horseback. The three blind date teams are basically neck-and-neck, while Mike and Rochelle, who didn't have a cab wait for them at the stadium, show up way later and get eliminated by Phil. A respectable finish for the season-long underdogs.

The top three teams head to Reunion Tower, and the other partner has to perform the second Roadblock: rappel down while looking for race flags in the distance for their next location. Hayley finishes first, but she and Blair go to the wrong place, and she has to go back to redo the whole task. For all of Hayley's screechy faults, at least she's owning up to the flag fail. Laura and Jenny work together and pass them.

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The flag location: monster trucks (salt, meet Mike and Rochelle's wound). After driving one through a mud pit, it's time for the memory challenge: They have to unlock a shed that has four locations of the race corresponding to a leg number. Inside the sheds are their selfies from the race (ugh, can we put a moratorium on selfies next season?), and they have to put them in chronological order. Jenny and Jelani unlock theirs first, but Laura and Tyler beat them at the selfies to get the final clue just as Hayley and Blair arrive at the trucks.

The finish line is at Continental Avenue Bridge, and despite the manufactured suspense of Jenny and Jelani being on their tail, Laura and Tyler win the $1 million!

"Twenty-one days ago, you guys didn't even know each other," Phil says. "What kind of love did you find?"

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"I found love with the world. I've found a lasting friendship," Tyler says. "We're never gonna forget this. ... Laura, she's been awesome. We balance each other out well. We're here because we're a team. We made this work."

Jenny and Jelani are second, and Hayley and Blair are third. (The biggest twist: Hayley did not incessantly nag at Blair the whole episode!) "What's quite remarkable is that none of you knew each other, and here you are as the first three teams," Phil says. "You all came looking for $1 million and you all came looking for love."

"Still looking," Blair deadpans.

What do you think of the finale? Are Laura and Tyler deserving winners? Do you want to see the blind date twist again? Are you over the selfies?

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