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The Affair Season 5 Trailer Hints Noah and Helen Could Get Back Together

It's all coming full circle now

Amanda Bell

We're back to where it all started now, folks.

This first teaser forThe Affair's fifth and final season hints that in this last stretch, it's going to be the Noah (Dominic West) and Helen (Maura Tierney) show once again -- at least, for a while -- as the exes determine whether to get back together again after everything they've been through.

"Forgiveness is hard. As soon as we comprehend that, we yearn for someone who really knows us," Noah says in a voiceover in the teaser. "It's not too late."

Helen seems slightly less enthused about the prospect of returning to the man whose extramarital dalliance caused everyone on the show so much pain to begin with, saying, "I feel sorry for you. You managed to turn 50 and not know how to be an adult."

Noah later demands a second chance from Helen, but she bluntly informs him that he has had a second chance already -- "many times," even. That's when he tells her that he'd do anything to take back the things he did to her, so we'll have to see if there's a will or even a way for them to overcome that hurt.

It makes sense that this last installment of the show would focus so heavily on the former couple, now that Alison (Ruth Wilson) has been killed off, Joshua Jackson is unlikely to return as Cole Lockhart, and Vik's (Omar Metwally) story seems closed as well.

The final season of The Affair is expected to feature a time jump to several decades in the future as Anna Paquin assumes the role of Cole and Alison's now-grown daughter Joanie, returning to Montauk to find out what happened to her mother after she made an unfortunate acquaintanceship with Ben (Ramon Rodriguez).

For now though, all we're seeing of what's to come is the more immediate aftermath of the show's previous seasons, as Noah and Helen confront one another once more -- this time, without so many other parties involved.

The Affair Season 5 premieres on Sunday, Aug. 25 at 9/8c on Showtime.

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​The Affair Season 5

The Affair Season 5