This weekend marks the big-screen debut of beloved comedy duo Key & Peele in Keanu, an action/comedy centered around the search for a missing cat that involves guns, gangsters and a whole lot of one-liners.

Up until last year, Keegan Michael-Key and Jordan Peele were of course best known as Comedy Central stars, whose best work such as "Substitute Teacher" would crack 100 million views. But not all their sketches practically broke the Internet; some, although just as funny, didn't get the love they deserved. Here's a look at five of their most underrated bits.

5) Loco Gangsters

In this 2014 sketch, they play members of a gang who bring a new crazy member into the fold. However, this doesn't sit well with their current "loco" member, Carlito. (Gangsters, by the way, are a continual theme they loved to explore throughout the series, and clearly inspired the movie too.)

4) P---y on the Chainwax

In this sketch from 2013, Keegan is trying to come up with a new and distinctive catchphrase. The only problem is that his new expression sucks, and Jordan knows it.

3) MC Mom

Moms can sometimes be overbearing, but they can also rock some mad skillz on the mic. That's the essence of this under-seen gem from Key & Peele that has Jordan playing Keegan's mom, who recently sent her son off to college. However, it's best bit comes at the end when "Pu--y on the Chainwax" finally gets the love it deserved.

2)I Sunk Your Battleship, B---h

Not every "Luther, The Anger Translator" sketch made it to air. In an example of their penchant for tackling topics of the day, they make good use of the debates between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Let's just say that when Luther starts pulling out maps, he knew he had Romney on the ropes.

1) What About "Non-Stop," Though?

While few would say Key & Peele's valet characters went under the radar, Comedy Central quickly realized that like Luther, they could be used to keep the show's voice alive in between seasons. So, when the opportunity came to team the two up with the one and only Liam Neeson, who'd been fodder for a recurring joke since its inception, they of course jumped at the chance. Though it'll hardly go down in their hall of fame, it's great nonetheless.