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Tears, Cheers and GIFs: The 20 Best The Wiz Live! Tweets

Relive the best moments

Malcolm Venable

We knew Twitter would be brimming with with bon mots and GIFs during The Wiz Live!, but things could've easily gone south. Sure, The Wiz Live! was a huge prime-time event, but The Wiz holds special fondness for many African-Americans, and "Black Twitter," can be hilariously merciless. (Remember #AskRachel?) As with anything Michael Jackson-related, or macaroni and cheese, you have to get The Wiz right.

The Wiz Live!: How NBC finally nailed the live musical

But something funny happened on the way to Oz. The typical snark and shade so common on Twitter was gone, replaced with sheer joy. There were lots of tweets about people crying (yes, The Wiz is that serious), amazement at the set and costumes, and a lot of "Yaass!" at the Emerald City voguing scene. Judging by the tweets, The Wiz Live! was a home run, bringing together actual families, Twitter family and the metaphorical, multi-culti human family - a feel-good event that came at just the right time too, considering the news cycle of the past few weeks.

Below, 20 of the best tweets of the night.

1.Pressure was intense from the beginning. Again, this had to go well. It just did.

2. People's entire childhoods were at stake here - even Hollywood royalty.

3. It became apparent pretty quickly that things were off to a good start.

4. Stephanie Mills, the first Dorothy, was giving people all the life they needed.

5. The costumes were a hit.

6. ...even Common's geometric bouncer look.

7. The many commercial breaks seemed like a small price to pay.

8. That said, Toto's quiet disappearance was not going to go unnoticed.

9. Seriously, nothing gets by this crowd.

10. That said, hearts were being warmed.

11. The Wiz was so good it became a moment of cultural pride. After all, something like this doesn't happen every day on network TV - or even every year, for that matter.

12. Of course, there were some haters but they're, like, not even worth addressing.

13. The Emerald City vogue scene was basically like the heavens parting and raining gold. People LOST it.


15. Even Mary J. Blige, whose acting has been criticized in the past, was killing it.

16. You better believe the memes will be popping to infinity.

17. By the time Uzo Aduba floated down and sung the hell out of her song, people just couldn't take it anymore.

18. The Wiz's message really hit, uh, home.

19. Some thought the ending left them longing -- like The Wiz touched them in the morning and then just walked away.

20. Still, the consensus was clear: you did good Wiz. Real good.