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The 100 Creator Defends that Controversial New Couple

He's prepared for the outcry

Sadie Gennis

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[Warning: The following contains spoilers from The 100's fifth season premiere, "Eden."]

The 100 fans knew this was coming. We could all guess this would happen from a mile away. But that doesn't mean it will make it that much easier to swallow for some.

In the Season 4 finale, the second Bellamy (Bob Morley) and Echo (Tasya Teles) got on that rocket and Clarke (Eliza Taylor) didn't, we knew just where this was going. Bellamy and Echo have always had an undeniable chemistry, even when they were on opposite sides of a conflict. After six years stranded in space together with the opportunity to get to know each other as people -- not just as warriors or political negotiators -- it makes sense that Bellamy and Echo would develop a close bond, which is why we weren't shocked when the pair shared a tender kiss toward the end of the Season 5 premiere.


But just because the moment felt rather inevitable, doesn't mean that fans -- specifically those who stan for Bellamy and Clarke together -- aren't going to lose their goddamn minds over the new couple. Having been through his fair share of fan outcry before (and even willing to acknowledge faults for how certain ships have played out), creator Jason Rothenberg knows what he's in for over the next few weeks.

When asked whether he's steeled himself for the reaction in anticipation of the Bellamy-Echo reveal, Rothenberg tells TV Guide, "Steeled myself, maybe. I'm definitely aware of what's coming. Let's put it like that."

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"My hope, though, is that people will understand that Bellamy was alone for six years," he continues. "Whether or not you believe that Clarke was a romantic thing in his mind, she's dead to him, literally, and he moves on. So yeah, ultimately, when Clarke shows up back in the flesh, alive, that's going to be mind-blowing on multiple levels, obviously. But steel myself? It obviously sucks to have people sort of screaming hateful things at you when you're just trying to tell a story, but it comes with the job these days."

But Bellarke fans aren't going to be the only ones to likely have an issue with Bellamy and Echo dating. As Echo reminded Bellamy in the premiere, his sister Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) wants nothing more than to see Echo dead after she cheated during the conclave, killing Octavia's lover Ilian (Chai Hansen), and trying her hardest to kill her.

"Bellamy will have had six years to interact with Echo and he's had six years to come to forgive her and for her to earn his, initially respect, and ultimately affection. Octavia doesn't have any idea that Echo went to space with them, so the fact that Echo's even alive is a shock for her when that happens and finally they come together. And it will be hugely, hugely problematic," Rothenberg teases.

Fortunately, it sounds like Echo will have some grace time to figure out how to handle Octavia once she's back on the ground. Rothenberg reveals that the bad blood between Echo and Octavia will really become a huge problem for Bellamy, Octavia and especially Echo beginning in Episode 5.

The delay in fallout is likely due to Raven (Lindsey Morgan) still being unsure how to get everyone back down to the ground. But now that they've discovered the Eligius ship, it looks like they may have finally found their solution -- albeit, one with a few unsavory caveats. "They're looking for fuel for the most part, just to put in engines of their pod," Rothenberg says. "The fact that they find the sleeping army is obviously a wrinkle to say the least."

The 100 airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on The CW.

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