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The 100 Prequel Spin-Off: Plot, Title, Release Date, Trailer, Casting, and More

It will be set 97 years before The 100

Lindsay MacDonald

The 100 may be approaching the finish line of its final season, but that doesn't mean we'll have to say goodbye to this space-tastic world. The CW has developed a possible spin-off, which would serve as a prequel series to the show we all know and love.

The CW first announced its plans to start developing a spin-off of The 100 in October of 2019, and TV Guide has been eagerly compiling any and all scraps of information about this potential new series since then. From spoilers to casting to pickup news, here's everything we know about this possible series.

It is set in the past. This potential spin-off would be set 97 years before the events of The 100 pilot, occurring during the time period when a nuclear apocalypse wiped out almost all of the planet's population. It will depict the birth of the culture The 100 fans know as the Grounders, as survivors of the apocalypse band together in an attempt to create a new society.

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There's no title yet. TVLine reported that the title for the backdoor pilot episode was "Anaconda," but showrunner Jason Rothenberg clarified that it would not be the spin-off's title. Right now, fans' favorite potential titles are The Second Dawn and Praimfaya

The backdoor pilot already aired. Like so many other CW shows before it, The 100 attempted to launch its first spin-off with a backdoor pilot episode. The episode aired on July 8, and it gave the show a slight ratings bump. In it, we saw Becca's (Erica Cerra) return to Earth and the creation of the first Nightbloods when an uprising occurred inside the bunker of the Second Dawn cult survivors after the bombs went off. The members of this uprising escaped the bunker and were able to live on the radiation-soaked surface because of their altered blood. The episode is currently streaming on CWTV.com.

Iola Evans and Adain Bradley, The 100

Iola Evans and Adain Bradley, The 100

Jack Rowand/The CW

The leads for the new series have been cast. Deadline announced that the spin-off has cast a few key leads roles for the prequel series. Up and comers Iola Evans, Adain Bradley, and Leo Howard played the core characters in the backdoor pilot and the potential new series. 

Evans is Callie, who is described as, "whip-smart and passionate with a rebellious streak to boot." Though she's devoted her life to causes she believes in (even when they don't align with high expectations others have for her), Callie finds herself looking for a new purpose after the devastations caused by the apocalypse. 

Bradley's character, Reese, is actually Callie's brother, whose spent his whole life in fierce competition with his beloved sister. He's described as, "hard-working and headstrong," which are two things you definitely have to be to survive (and possibly succeed in the aftermath of) the apocalypse.

Howard plays August, a "rebellious and passionate musician," who also happens to be a member of a radical environmentalist group. You know, the kind of people who have seen the end coming for decades now? August will find himself a little lost in the aftermath of the apocalypse, after the earth he's been trying to save has been destroyed.

Flashbacks would play a big part in the series. Rothenberg told TV Guide, "I do plan on using flashbacks to the pre-apocalypse time quite often." He also revealed that in those flashbacks, we can expect to see Callie and Reese's father, Bill Cadogan (John Pyper-Ferguson).

We'd also get the Ark's origin story. While the show would predominantly focus on the beginnings of the Grounder civilization, that's not the only group of survivors coming together during this time period. The Ark was also being formed out of all the international space station survivors, and that story would be told as well. "Somewhere in Season 1, possibly the beginning of Season 2, of the new show, I would get us back to space where we would meet great, great grandpappy -- Blake and Clarke's great, great grandparents," Rothenberg told TV Guide.

Iola Evans, The 100

Iola Evans, The 100