The 100 has found a new baddie to terrorize what remains of the human race after the latest wave of fatal radiation washed over the planet in the Season 4 finale. Instead of radiation being this season's enemy, we'll have several new characters landing on Earth from that prison ship — which we now know is named Eligius — that turned up in Clarke's (Eliza Taylor) backyard last year.

One inmate in particular sounds seriously scary. According to Deadline, Mike Dopud has been cast in the upcoming fifth season as Vinson. Vinson is described as looking more like a professor than a hardened criminal, but don't let his overly polite demeanor fool you — he's actually a ruthless serial killer, terrifying enough to keep even the worst of the criminals on board Elgius on their toes.

We don't know much about these prisoners other than the fact that they have been in cryosleep for the last hundred years, meaning they're technically from our time — before the first nuclear bombs went off. Who wants to volunteer to tell a bunch of murderous criminals the bad news that their old world is gone? Anyone?

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Dopud recently starred as the vicious cartel leader Jason Micic on Power. This won't be his first experience with the CW either, since he's previous recurred on both iZombie and Arrow.

The 100 is set to premiere in 2018 on The CW.

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