A few things to be thankful for today:

" The courts are starting to really toughen up on drunk drivers. On Wednesday, Mike Tyson was released from the pokey after serving a way longer sentence than Lindsay Lohan. He was behind bars for a whole 24 hours.

" TBS' premiere of Mad TV impressionist Frank Caliendo's Frank TV late-night skit show drew 2.9 million viewers - delivering better demos, the cabler crows, than even Leno and Letterman. Which can only mean the far superior Stephnie Weir will be getting her own series any day now.

" Laura Branigan is making a comeback, the New York Post reports. Fans of the "Self Control" singer, who died three years ago, have demanded the rerelease of three of her out-of-print albums, and in January, their wish will come true. So would now be a good time for me to start campaigning for Strawberry Switchblade to finally come out in the US? - Ben Katner