First of all, thanks to the cavalcade of feedback replies I received last week. Glad so many of you agree with me that John Hensley looks like the present-day Michael Jackson!  Every time I see him, I expect him to scream (à la MJ) "Da!!" Either that or "Jam-on da!" Are you with me here? And what a coincidence that Matt was getting surgery done on his face. Hmmmm. Anyway, great episode. Only on Nip/Tuck are you going to see two frat guys whose faces are superglued to a third frat guy's naked butt.  Brilliant use of two different songs called "Stuck on You" first by Elvis Presley, then Lionel Richie. Quick side note: Loved seeing Kyle Howard from the shouldn't-have-been-canceled WB series Grosse Pointe as a guest star. But back to naked butts: There sure were a lot of them tonight. You can totally understand the "TV-MA" rating, considering it's basic cable. Interesting how we got to see the usually kinky Christian prove that his level of kink goes only so far. At least Kimber got her way she has Christian all to herself. For now, of course. Quentin certainly showed his tough side in the end, playfully and indirectly threatening a lawsuit (and you know I enjoyed his reference to "water-cooler gossip"). But Sean shouldn't have showed his tough side with Matt. Disciplining is one thing, but punching his son in the nose like that was not good. Two words: restraining order (at least next week). But wouldn't you want to smack your son if he looked like the present-day Michael Jackson? Totally kidding. Dave Anderson

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