Thank goodness Aisha Tyler is on this show. She voices all of the things that I'm thinking at home. Like, when a dead man is haunting his fiancée, she actually pipes in with "That's so... creepy." Yeah, tell me about it. And then she was able to help out with the monetary woes that J.Love's little antique shop was suffering. I just knew that place couldn't be raking in big bucks. But she didn't comment on the fact that the subplot of tonight's episode seemed like it had been lifted from that movie Return to Me. Basically the health-nut ghost was an organ donor and his heart had been given to the wacky guy from Boston Public. But the new heart comes with a bit of sense memory, so when Melinda "I see dead people" Gordon decides to meddle, she fixes up the old heart/new guy with the living girlfriend who hasn't been able to move on. A bit on the cheesy side, but they go and weird up the whole story at the end with a strange cackling ghost who seems to want to freak Melinda out. What is up with that?