Terry O'Quinn Terry O'Quinn

Terry O'Quinn is accustomed to playing characters who live in a moral gray area (or smoky black area, as the case was on Lost). But on the new Fox drama Gang Related, O'Quinn's character doesn't even realize how murky the waters he inhabits really are.

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On Gang Related, O'Quinn plays Sam Chapel, the captain of the LAPD's Gang Task Force. He's also a mentor/father figure to Det. Ryan Lopez (Ramon Rodriguez) — who, unbeknownst to Chapel and the rest of the crew — has also pledged loyalty to the Los Angelicos gang and their leader, Javier Acosta (Cliff Curtis).

"Capt. Chapel protects his own," O'Quinn says of his character in the exclusive sneak peek below. "He doesn't think that Lopez has a dirty side."

 Gang Related premieres Thursday at 9/8c on Fox. Get an introduction to Sam Chapel and a first look at the show below, and see other teasers here.