Empire star/noted weird dude Terrence Howard is hosting a...(*double checks press release*)...haunted house prank special called Terrence Howard's Fright Club on Fox next month. It sounds like it's going to be Scare Tactics with Lucious Lyon Punk'd-ing regular people instead of celebrities.

"When Howard's super-fans are invited to New Orleans to meet the star at his remote estate, they believe they've won an online competition to take part in a filmed VIP experience. What they don't know is that they are about to be pranked by Howard, and that everyone they meet is an actor who's in on the joke," is how Fox describes the special. "Hidden cameras follow the super-fans and capture their reactions to a series of wild experiences that Howard, in full prankster mode, has set up for them. From swamp monsters to voodoo spells, their reactions are captured on film from his secret control room. Thrills ensue as the super-fans are pushed to their limits before Howard lets them in on his tricks. It will be a weekend they won't forget!"

It's Time to Celebrate Empire's Total Insanity

I didn't know Terrence Howard was such a prankster! (Was I supposed to know Terrence Howard was such a prankster?) Next thing you're gonna tell me is that he doesn't actually believe that 1x1=2. I really do have a lot of questions, though. Doesn't this seem more like a Halloween thing than a Memorial Day thing? Is the tone funny or scary? How does Taraji P. Henson feel about this? Why are we doing this really?

The most important question, though, is whether Howard will be doing an impression of Vincent Price in House on Haunted Hill. That could mean the difference between good and great. Or maybe he doesn't have to. He's already an eccentric millionaire in real life.

Terrence's Howard's Fright Club airs Thursday, May 24 at 8/7c on Fox.