Jason O'Mara Jason O'Mara

Fox will launch Steven Spielberg's time-traveling drama, Terra Nova, in the fall of 2011, the network announced Monday.

Terra Nova was originally scheduled to debut at midseason, but the hourlong drama will now preview its first episode in May. The show will then launch its first season later in the fall.

Jason O'Mara returns to time-traveling for Terra Nova

Fox used the same strategy in 2009 to premiere Glee and again to debut The Good Guys this last May.

"It was mainly due to the scope of what this show is going to take," Fox Entertainment president Kevin Reilly said about the delay at the Television Critics Association's fall previews. "Hopefully we'll be able to recreate the same thing we did with Glee."

Starring Life on Mars' Jason O'Mara, Terra Nova chronicles a group of settlers from 2149 who travel back 85 million years to prehistoric Earth to try to save the planet from destruction.