Terra Nova Terra Nova

Fox's upcoming dinosaur drama Terra Nova will introduce a newly imagined birdlike breed called Slashers. Their trademark: bright-colored feathers — "purples, bright blues and deep reds," says the show's lead Jason O'Mara. "This is the first time we're going to see, in an entertainment context, what dinosaurs actually looked like."

Well, sort of. Fox is keeping the look of these critters under wraps until closer to the May 23 premiere, but their description suggests the flying Banshees ridden by the Na'vi in James Cameron's Avatar. Terra Nova star Stephen Lang, who played the ruthless Col. Miles Quaritch in Avatar, acknowledges that "the palette of Pandora" has inspired art directors to "use the colors of a peacock on creatures that will be every bit as exotic and alluring. They've created some really fetching stuff."

But don't expect the Terra Nova characters to sling saddles on the Slashers. Says Jason, "I don't think we're at the point of [1988 animated series] Dino-Riders just yet."

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