Justin Bruening, Lena Headey Justin Bruening, Lena Headey

On the heels of CBS' The Mentalist, which thus far is the TV season's biggest freshman hit, getting an order for a half-dozen additional scripts, two other new-ish series have received perhaps-significant votes of confidence.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, technically a second-year show but one still anxiously awaiting a back-nine order, has been given the go-ahead for two more scripts  — this in the wake of increasing ratings in its fifth week.

Knight Rider, meanwhile, has been given the green light for four more scripts. Of note, the NBC reboot has been trumping critical darling Pushing Daisies, one of its Wednesdays-at-8 rivals, in the Nielsens.

To date, the freshman series Fringe and 90210 have received full-season pick-ups.

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