Question: Terence Knox played in a series before Tour of Duty. What was that series? Its like a spy and rescue series. I think the female may been Susan St. James. The theme song was "Looking for a Hero," sung by Bonnie Tyler.

Answer: I'm not able to make all the details match, Pandy (the timing, the costar, Tyler's "Holding Out for a Hero," etc.), but it sounds like you may be talking about Rescue 77. And if you aren't, my crack readership will spank me and steer me in the right direction, and I'll update you in a later column.

Knox (St. Elsewhere) play Dr. Griffith in the contemporary version of the hit '70s series Emergency!. As his predecessor, Dr. Kelly Brackett (Robert Fuller) did in the original, Dr. Griffith hung out at the hospital and gave medical instructions to the paramedics working out of Fire Station 77 in Los Angeles. The paramedics (Victor Brown, Christian Kane and Marjorie Monaghan) brought the injured and sick to Griffith, and Browne's character had additional incentive to hit the hospital, since his girlfriend (Robia LaMorte) was an E.R. nurse there.

Created by Backdraft writer and ex-firefighter Gregory Widen, the show debuted on the WB in March 1999 and was D.O.A. six months later.