Question: Please tell me how the future looks for Men in Trees and Vanished. I am obsessed with these two shows and hope they stick around for a full season.

Answer: Men in Trees is turning into a Friday-night sleeper for ABC, and with good reason: The show has found its footing after that clunky second episode. Last Friday's sex-drenched outing was the best, most satisfying hour of Trees since the pilot. I, for one, am glad Marin and Jack sealed the deal this early in the game. I'm losing patience for these five-season-long flirtations that TV seems to love so much. The news isn't as good for Friday-bound Vanished, which will likely disappear after 13 episodes. But as exec producer Josh Berman told me, the show's two major mysteries who is Sara and who kidnapped her will be resolved by then. He also revealed that an upcoming episode will focus on Sara's life in and out of captivity. "We'll really get to know her very well," he says. "Both in the present and the past."