Question: Can you please tell me the name of the show that was something like American Gladiators? One of the people's names was T-Money. Thank you.

Answer: That was the syndicated Battle Dome, which was produced from 1999 to 2001, Sandy. On the show, three contestants competed in various extreme events against a host of fictional warriors, the best two contestants squaring off in a battle for $1,000 and a chance at a $100,000 championship.

The warriors' names and personalities demonstrated that someone behind the scenes was definitely paying attention to pro wrestling, American Gladiators, and, most likely, The Running Man and Mortal Kombat to boot. Characters included the Commander, Sleepwalker, D.O.A., Jake Fury, Mad Dog Steele, the Prince and, as you mention, T-Money. Of the lot, former NFL player Terry Crews, who seems to have dropped the T-Money work from his official bio, has probably fared the best. You can currently catch him as no-nonsense dad Julius on Everybody Hates Chris.