Question: Please tell me all you can about the late '70s show Sugar Time. All I remember is that it starred Barbi Benton. Anything you could add would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Answer: Well, I don't have much more than you, Nick, but here goes.

As you say, Sugar Time! (never forget the all-important exclamation point, please), which ran on ABC from August 1977 through the following May, starred Ms. Benton as aspiring singer Maxx. Joining her to make up a wannabe rock trio called (surprise) Sugar were Marianne Black (Maggie) and Didi Carr (Diane). The three whose day jobs were, respectively, hatcheck girl (did enough people still wear those to require such a thing in the '70s?), children's dance instructor and dental hygienist lived together and strutted their stuff at a joint called Al Marks' Tryout Room. (Wynn Irwin played Al.)

The musical duties on the show were overseen by '70s icon Paul Williams, who also wrote original tunes for it.