After more than a decade off-air, the Teletubbies are returning to entertain a whole new generation of children.

According to The Telegraph, the rebooted BBC series will premiere later this year. While it's unknown whether the original voice actors will return, the series will feature a few familiar voices.

Academy Award winner Jim Broadbent, who played Slughorn in the Harry Potter films, will play a talking trumpet and Absolutely Fabulous star Jane Horrocks will lend her voice to the new Tubby Phone.

'90s shows that need to make a comeback

The original Teletubbies series ran for 365 episodes from 1997 to 2001 and aired in more than 120 countries. Even now, the show's YouTube channel continues to attract nearly 50 million views per month. But despite the Teletubbies enduring popularity, creator Anne Wood wants nothing to do with the reboot.

"I couldn't bring myself to. I mean, I have nothing against them; it might be brilliant. They tell me they've got the best producer possible on it, so that's a good sign," Wood told the Radio Times. "But how could I watch it? All my programs are like my children. It's like seeing a child remade in somebody else's image. So good luck to them. They bought it and I can't do anything about that."

"I'm a bit sad," she continued. "It comes down to the times we're in: People feel safer remaking hits of the past rather than investing in something new."

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