When Teen Wolf returns Tuesday night, Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) will still be at the lowest point he's ever been. His beta Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) tried to kill him, his best friend Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) hates him and his new nemesis Theo (Cody Christian) is raising chimeras from the dead.

However, when your hero is at rock bottom, it creates room for an invigorating journey out of the darkness. That's exactly what Posey is most excited about fans seeing in the winter season of the supernatural drama. The actor broke down what's in store for Scott to regain focus, rebuild his pack and save Beacon Hills to TVGuide.com during a recent set visit. See what he had to say below.

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What is Scott's mindset when we see him again this season?

Posey: He was in the darkest place he's ever been and that carries on. Then he quickly realizes that he's hit rock bottom and the only place he has to go is up. So he gathers his strength and tries to get his friends back, because at this point, he's kind of a loner.

Will his experience with Theo challenge his ideals as a True Alpha and not killing anyone?

Posey: There's a difference between self-defense and murder, so [killing someone] is justifiable sometimes. I don't think killing someone will make you not a True Alpha. Scott is forever a True Alpha. It's in his blood. Whatever route he takes, unless he turns completely evil, he's got good morals and a good heart. You can be dark and still be a great alpha.

At the end of last season, he and Stiles were the furthest apart that they've ever been. What is that journey like to repair their friendship?

Posey: You definitely see a different side of Scott and Stiles. Now you see them getting physical. Scott lets Stiles kick his ass a little bit because he can take it. Stiles is really affected and hurt that Scott doesn't believe him [about killing Donovan] and doesn't want to take the time to hear his side of the story. It was just a huge misunderstanding during their argument.

He kind of has to snap Stiles out of this weird thing. The number one priority is Stiles' dad and they have to team up to help his dad. Stiles is hesitant about bringing Scott into it and Scott is like, "Dude, put everything aside now. Let's help your dad." Scott is really rational and clear-headed this season. That's the opposite of [Season] 5A because he got mind-f---ed by Theo. [Scott and Stiles] are on their way to mending the friendship.

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The trailer alludes to Scott having to work with Theo against this new monster. How is that going to work considering everything Theo has done?

Posey: There's this ultimate evil — evil scary monster that we have to take down. It's this rabid, insane animal thing and no one is controlling it, so we have to team up together. Scott is able to put his differences aside and hold off on beating Theo up. I don't think Scott will beat him up. He won't forgive him either, but I don't think he's the type of person [out for revenge] — unless he gets one solid, clean, nasty punch on him.

What are you most excited for people to see this season?

Posey: I'm really excited about how I play Scott this season. He's got such a cool attitude this season. I hope it comes across well. It's good Teen Wolf fun.

Teen Wolf returns Tuesday at 9/8c on MTV.