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If viewers thought Teen Wolf's Season 1 villain was scary, wait until they meet his dad.

"At the end of the finale there was mention of others coming and that has to do with Argent's father Gerard, played by Battlestar [Galactica]'s Michael Hogan," executive producer Jeff Davis told TVGuide.com at this weekend's ATX Television Festival. "You'll see this psychological manipulation, and he does it very well with Allison (Crystal Reed), where he's slowly manipulating her [with] his more militant views. He's going to bring a new level of villainy to the show."

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When the MTV series left off, werewolf Scott (Tyler Posey) and his human girlfriend Allison remained together, despite Allison's werewolf-hunting family, who not only disapproved of their relationship, but was determined to rid Beacon Hills of existing packs. On Sunday's premiere, the couple will attempt to continue their relationship in secrecy.

"It's very much a superhero story. Allison's got the boyfriend who's a superhero running off doing crazy incredible things, but she's also got her family legacy," Davis says. "There's a scene later on where both of their sides have a plan and those plans intersect. Alison says, 'Well, what am I supposed to do? People are dying' and Scott says, 'You're supposed to trust me,' and it starts to break them apart."

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Viewers can also expect to meet new characters and learn more about returning ones. Stiles (Dylan O'Brien), who Davis calls the real hero of the series, will be more involved in the action this season and have more struggles with his father, the town cop. "He's the loyal one; you never question any of his trust, but he's going to make a lot of mistakes this year," he adds.

Daniel Sharman joins the cast as Isaac, who Davis calls the anti-Scott. "He was bitten, but makes all the wrong choices, whereas Scott kept trying to make the right choices," Davis says. Gage Golightly joins the show as Erica, whose story Davis likens to that of Pygmalion. "She's not exactly the prettiest girl in school; she's also epileptic. But once she gets a bite from Derek, all that changes," he says. Speaking of Derek (Tyler Hoechlin), the new alpha, Davis says that this season he's got "much more swagger."

Finally, there's Jackson (Colton Haynes), whose fate as a possible werewolf was left hanging in the balance in last season's finale. Davis says viewers won't truly know where he's heading until Episode 3. "There's a lot of danger coming to the main characters," Davis hints. "And one or two shocking deaths."

Teen Wolf premieres on Sunday at 11/10c on MTV.