Teen Mom 3 Teen Mom 3

The third time is not always the charm. While Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 have been wildly successful (and tabloid-friendly), its third offshoot, Teen Mom 3, was a near non-starter. MTV canceled the show after only one season in 2013 and has not tried to launch a new Teen Mom since. Adding insult to injury, the network has dipped back into the Season 1 well for Teen Mom OG.

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But what became of its third quartet of Teen Moms? Here's what they're up to now:

Briana DeJesus
A single mom to daughter Nova, DeJesus briefly took out an order of protection against her ex and baby daddy Devoin Austin before giving him a chance to prove himself as a father, which he didn't pass.
Now: DeJesus may or may not be engaged to her boyfriend Shoc — she tweeted and then deleted a photo of herself rocking a huge rock in November. Shoc also knows Austin: They were arrested together in 2013 for breaking into a house. Last month, DeJesus was hospitalized with a mysterious illness.

Mackenzie Douthit
Douthit dealt with cheerleading and prom while Josh McKee, her beau and father of their son Gannon, resumed rodeo riding after suffering a series of concussions.
Now: The high school sweethearts married in August 2013 and welcomed their second child, daughter Jaxie Taylor, in February 2014. Now going by Mackenzie McKee, the former reality star sells knitwear on Etsy and has big dreams to become a fitness model.

When someone tells me I cant, I simply smile and prove them wrong. BAM two kids later. #ontheroadtobeingafitnessmodel #watchmen #stillworktodo

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Alex Sekella
Sekella, who has a daughter, Arabella, with ex-boyfriend Matt McCann, spent the bulk of the show trying to get McCann — fresh out of a stint in rehab when the series started — on the straight and narrow and be a father. The nadir came when he was rushed to the hospital for an overdose right before he was scheduled to move into a sober home. McCann later revealed that he had flatlined for three minutes.
Now: Sekella has maintained a low profile since the show ended. In October, she started an unspecified new job. "I am so proud to say that I have officially started a new job that i [sic] don't have to work other jobs to support Arabella. And I am so happy," she tweeted. After getting sober, McCann now has visitation rights with Arabella.

Katie Yeager
Yeager started off the show by getting engaged to and moving in with Joey Mase, the father of their daughter Molli, but things quickly went downhill. Their toxic relationship resulted in couples therapy, massive fights and a breakup, after which Maes gave Yeager a note three days later that said he had moved on to someone else.
Now: Yeager and Maes no longer speak, but she frequently subtweets him, calling out his overall incompetence as a father and abuse. She tweeted in August that she received full custody of Molli and is currently in a relationship with Sean Scheller. As of April, Yeager told Starcasm that she works full time at a bank and is finishing her B.A.