If The Letter for the King sounds like a familiar title, it's probably because Netflix's latest fantasy foray is adapted from a 1962 Dutch novel of the same name by Tonke Dragt. Netflix's six-episode adaptation follows a young knight named Tiuri (Amir Wilson) who embarks on fairly simple quest to deliver a secret letter to the king of his nation. On the way, though, Tiuri find himself at the center of a great prophecy about a rising hero who can defeat the ruthless prince who threatens to plunge the world into darkness. He must also combat with warring factions and determine what it means to be a true knight — and a true leader — if he plans to restore the kingdoms to peace.

Will Tiuri find a way to save the realm? Or will the conquering prince bring the entire world to its destruction? The teaser trailer offers many questions and few answers, but something tells us we should have a little faith in young Tiuri and that Netflix is doubling down on its desire to bring us the next Game of Thrones, with this and The Witcher.

The Letter for the King premieres on Netflix on Friday, March 20.

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<em>The Letter for the King</em>The Letter for the King