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TCL Roku TV Review 2023: Everything to Know About TCL Roku TVs

The Roku TCL TV series gives you maximum options for familiar Roku viewing.

Lara Vukelich


Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Prices start at $150
  • 4K HDR, Dolby Vision available
  • Roku is built right in
  • Models without backlight technology have a marked difference in picture quality
  • Not all models have voice control

Setting up your Roku is easy and takes just a few minutes. Here's what you need to know about getting your device ready to stream.

What is a TCL Roku TV?

TCL TVs are smart, high definition devices available in a variety of sizes and prices. The company has partnered with Roku since 2014 to make TVs with a built-in Roku OS. This makes streaming even easier. 

Meanwhile, TCL has won the Editor's Choice Award from PC Mag and other publications that rate electronics. Whether you want a small bedroom TV or a theater-quality TV for the living room, there is a TCL Roku TV for you. We'll break down what you can expect from this collection of more than 80 devices. 

TCL Roku TV Pricing

TCL's Roku TVs can meet just about any budget. Prices start at $150 and go all the way up to $3,000. The basic HD 32-inch Roku TV is a part of the 3-series and has the lowest price point of the bunch. The model features dual-band Wi-Fi but doesn't have the same picture quality as many of the more expensive models. The top-end model is a 75-inch 6-series 8K TV with Dolby Vision HDR and mini-LED backlight display technology for a better picture. 

You can find TCL brand Roku TVs at a number of major retailers, including Target, Best Buy, Amazon, Sam's Club, Tiger Direct, and Walmart. Both Roku and TCL offer guidance on finding a store that carries the TV you're looking for.

On the TCL website, click on the Roku TV you're interested in and then select "Where to buy" to see a list of online retailers as well as where to buy the Roku TV in your area.

TCL Roku TV Features


Setting up the TCL Roku TV is just as simple as setting up a regular Roku device. You plug the TV in, turn it on, and follow the screen prompts. You'll have to connect to the internet to get going, but the setup process is intuitive and simple. 


TCL Roku TVs range in size from 32-inch to 85-inch. They all have two legs as a base instead of a central base, and they can all be mounted on the wall, though mounting equipment must be purchased separately. The TCL 32-inch 3-series has a 100mm x 100mm wall mount pattern, while the 75-inch 6 series model has a 400mm x 400mm hole pattern. 


Some of the TCL Roku TVs can be connected to the app, which allows you to use your phone as a remote, as well as plug-in headphones for private listening. As a bonus, you can use your app to stream movies and TV shows from your account while you're on the go. Some programs can also be downloaded for offline viewing on a mobile device. If you're watching a movie on a tablet using the Roku app and want to continue on a bigger device, your TCL Roku TV will know where you left off, provided both devices are logged in to the same Roku account. 


Because this is a Roku TV, you'll get a Roku remote. They're very simple remotes with a power button, a set of arrows to navigate the menu, volume buttons on the side, and shortcut buttons. Some models have a voice-control remote that you can use to talk to your TV. The remotes that are voice-enabled have a microphone button to activate this feature; try saying "Watch Hulu" or "Succession" to find apps and shows faster.

Picture and Streaming Quality

The streaming quality on TCL Roku TVs varies greatly. For the lower-end models that are more budget-friendly, you're looking at a straightforward 720p TV. As the prices increase, you can get into high-definition viewing, then 4K ultra HD, and even Dolby Vision.

The higher-end TCL Roku TVs also have backlight display technology to make a better, more balanced picture. And while this doesn't necessarily affect your stream, it will affect the viewing experience. The actual streaming quality outside the picture quality will fall on your internet connection, as this is a fully internet-based device. 

When it comes to color, high-end models have as many as 1.07 billion display colors, while the more affordable options have only 16.7 million display colors. As you can imagine, this difference will affect how dynamic and realistic your picture is. 


Roku TVs use the Roku operating system, or OS, which provides a uniform experience across devices. Your TV's home screen will be the Roku channel and app menu. You'll have fast access to all your favorite streaming apps, like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Apple TV+, HBO Max, and more.

With apps like Hulu and Sling TV, you can stream live TV with a live programming subscription. Other TV and movie apps are largely subscription-based, but some will allow free viewing like The CW, Crackle, PBS, and more. Also, there are music-based apps available like Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Sirius. You can also connect to traditional cable using a TCL Roku TV; your cable box can be connected and switching inputs will direct you to your TV guide.  

Weather and news watchers will get a selection of apps with NBC News and Weather Nation, while sports fans will get NBC Sports, Fox Sports, F1 TV, and Red Bull TV. Other apps focus on everything from home design to workouts. 

What sets Roku apart from other streaming devices is the Roku Channel. This free app has a selection of movies and TV that is similar to Netflix or Hulu. The titles are always rotating so you never know what you might find, but Roku currently has Heartland, Weeds, and Hell's Kitchen among its popular titles.

TCL Roku TV Compared

TCL Roku TV vs. Philips Roku TV

Philips has a smaller collection of Roku TVs than TCL with far less to choose from in terms of size and quality. The TVs start at 24-inch and go up to 75-inch, which is a smaller start size but also a smaller end size. Though Philips Roku TVs offer 4K Ultra HD on the larger models, you won't get Dolby Vision like TCL.

Philips' prices are pretty decent with the 32-inch around $170-$180 depending on where you buy it, which isn't too much more than TCL's. However, as far as we can tell with Philips Roku TVs, you don't even have a voice control option on the remote. And because this is a Roku TV, you'll get the same titles across the board from both Philips and TCL, no matter which one you choose. 

TCL Roku TV vs. Westinghouse Roku TV

Westinghouse has a much smaller collection of TVs to choose from than TCL, with only around 10 models. They range in size from 24-inch to 75-inch, so if you're looking for something on the smaller end, Westinghouse might be the right choice for you. However, TCL's largest screen is the larger of the two and would be best for people looking for the ultimate TV viewing experience. 

With Westinghouse, you're also not going to get the picture quality that TCL offers on its higher-end models. Westinghouse tops out at 4K Ultra HD, compared to TCL's Dolby Vision. The Westinghouse Roku TVs are also a little steeper in price -- you're looking at a start value of around $300 for the 32-inch, which is double what TCL Roku TV offers. As for movies and TV shows, they're both Roku TVs, so you're going to get the same experience there.

Our Final Take

With more than 100 TVs to choose from, the TCL Roku TV is a solid choice for people who want a smart TV and are Roku loyal. Wallet-conscious watchers can find a small model that's great for the bedroom, while you can also splurge on an 85-inch 4K TV model for the family room with more bells and whistles. For streamers who like the Roku interface, a TCL Roku TV is a smart investment.