John Lehr by Erik Heinila/TBS John Lehr by Erik Heinila/TBS
The when: Get in line for the season premiere Tuesday, Jan. 15, at 11 pm/ET on TBS.

Why watch?: Pining for some workplace humor?

10 Items or Less is opening its lane for business and it could be just your cure for the office blues! This scripted and sometimes improvisational show details the comedic side of life and work at a family-owned grocery store. With a cast of quirky characters that rivals Scrubs, it's easy to see why this show could be the hidden gem of the season. Who's who: Series creator and comedy improv actor John Lehr portrays Leslie Pool, the new and inept manager who inherited the Greens and Grains grocery store from his father. Assisting Leslie is the painfully awkward and equally humorous Carl Dawson (Robert Clendenin), a dorky yet endearing stock boy. Yolanda Nelson (Roberta Valderrama) adds pizzazz and plenty of attitude to the produce department, while Todd Sykes (Chris Payne Gilbert) gets treated like a piece of meat as the store's hunky butcher. Meanwhile, Richard Mednick (Christopher Liam) is the proud cashier who is super-excited at the thought of one day joining the Ice Capades, and the too-good-to-be-true Ingrid Wakowski (Kirstin Gronfield) heads up the customer-service desk. Rounding out this dysfunctional crew is Buck "The Bagger" Washington (Greg Davis Jr) who's just there to earn a paycheck and finish night school. Adding conflict and competition to the scene is Amy Anderson (Jennifer Elise Cox), who heads up the local Super Value Mart. She would love nothing more than to level Greens and Grains and use its space as a parking lot. What's next: The second season rings up trouble for the Greens and Grains gang when a store promotion goes awry and a hostage situation develops. Say what?! In TV history, there have been very few shows with supermarket themes: only the semi-popular Supermarket Sweep game show and the less memorable sitcom Check It Out. What do you say? Hey, Office fans, you just might find some comfort in the equally dysfunctional management at Greens and Grains. If you are already a viewer, it's time to weigh in and tell us what you think of this campy new show! - Erin Lulevitch Use our Online Video Guide to get acquainted with the crew of 10 Items or Less. More Strike Survival guidance: " Movies-on-TV: Ken Fox's Picks for the Week of Jan. 14 " Have a Rock of Love Affair with Bret Michaels " Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Get Your Cyborg On " USA Network's Psych: We See It in Your Future " Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew: Should You Check In? " Knight Rider, Grammys and More Specials to Watch For " What to Watch: Your Guide to January Premieres