TB or not TB? That truly is the question for Dr. House and his team when brilliant Dr. Sebastian Charles, known for treating tuberculosis in the less fortunate in Africa, lands in their care. Played by Ron Livingston, Dr. Charles challenges House by self-diagnosing, but as is usually the case, there is more to his ailment than meets the eye, and Dr. House, of course, figures it out this time via televised press conference. He's so clever. Before we get to the weekly tumor as the source of all that plagues House's patients, what was that contraption that House used to check Livingston's heart? It took me back to the Pit of Despair in The Princess Bride. All we needed was an albino assistant. This week it was Cameron's turn to get hit on by a patient, and like Chase with the young cancer patient, she responded. Okay, Chase wasn't really into his child patient, but he did kiss her. Anyway, is it suddenly alright for doctors to get romantically involved with their patients? Either way the romance with Dr. Charles was doomed from the moment he threw up and collapsed on her. They hadn't even kissed yet. The B-story line was DOA. Foreman, while wearing House's lab coat, upsets a woman who believes she has breast cancer. She complains and Cuddy orders House to apologize. Too bad he wasn't the culprit. Poor House, he's so misunderstood, but in the end he dupes Cuddy and satisfies Foreman's patient. All is well in the world again, until next week.