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Taylor Swift has joined the cast of The Giver, Entertainment Weeklyreports.

The adaptation of the Lois Lowry novel stars Brenton Thwaites as Jonas andJeff Bridges as The Giver, the old man who teaches Jonas to absorb memories of every type of experience, even the most painful ones. Swift will play Rosemary, the last person to be mentored by her father The Giver before Jonas takes over as the Receiver of Memories.

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The cast also includes Meryl Streep as the Chief Elder of Jonas' small community, in which there is no sickness, conflict, color or much sense of free will. The cast also includes Katie Holmes and  Alexander Skargard as Jonas' parents, Cameron Monaghan as Jonas' best friend Asher and Odeye Rush as his friend and love interest Fiona.

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The Giver will be released in theaters Aug. 15, 2014.