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Taylor Swift Makes It Abundantly Clear Her New Music Video Is About Harry Styles

"Style." Styles. Get it?

Sadie Gennis

It's always been obvious that the majority of Taylor Swift's 1989 album was inspired by her relationship with One Direction front man Harry Styles. But in case you didn't get that before, the "Style" music video is here to spell it out for you.

Rather than put out another fun, instantly iconic video like "Shake It Off" and "Blank Space," Swift took the moody, metaphorical route for "Style." But can they really be called metaphors when everything is so darn obvious?

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First off, Swift is literally filmed standing in the woods. Then, she has actual woodland scenery superimposed onto her body. So, apparently the answer to the question Swift keeps asking on that other 1989 track is: No, Taylor. You are very clearly not out of the woods yet.

But all these references to "Out of the Woods" isn't just for the sake of cross-promotion. It's because "Out of the Woods" features maybe the most obvious Harry Styles' references on the whole album - well, just short of calling a song "Style," that is.

In the song, Swift sings the equivalent of big flashing arrows pointing at Styles when she references his paper airplanes necklace and an incident which landed the pair in the hospital. Then, in case you didn't understand that both "Style" and "Out of the Woods" were about Harry, Swift holds the exact same paper airplane necklace within the first minute of the "Style" video. Is your mind blown yet?

Of course, Styles can't really complain. He should be honored to have inspired such an awesome track (albeit a kind of lame music video).