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Here's Why Taylor Swift Totally Missed the Point of Nicki Minaj's Twitter Rant

At least we didn't have to pick a side

Shelli Weinstein

In an uncharacteristic turn of events, pop stars and girl power icons Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj seemed to have a bit of a spat over Twitter on Tuesday. Swift was nominated for an MTV Video Music Award for Best Video for "Bad Blood" while Minaj was not. When Minaj took to Twitter to voice her frustration over her nomination snub, the "Bad Blood" singer thought that the tweet was aimed at her.

But as it turns out, the disagreement is just the result of some classic misunderstanding. Both singers had hits this year for some seriously female empowerment numbers - Minaj for "Anaconda" - but it wasn't Swift that Minaj was talking about, even though this tweet could be describing "Bad Blood's" number of lithe models and actresses.

Instead, the "Anaconda" singer (who was also upset that "Feeling Myself," her collaboration with Beyonce, was also snubbed) was speaking on a larger context about racism that rewards the co-opting of black culture by other artists, but totally overlooks Minaj's own contributions. And yet, the video for "Anaconda" had a huge cultural impact this year, and even earned a parody by Ellen DeGeneres. Here's the full context of what Minaj had to say before that one misunderstood tweet:

Swift may have missed the issues at hand in those tweets, but at least her heart was in the right place. In her last words on the subject, she invited Minaj to join her on the stage.

Do you agree with Nicki Minaj? Should "Anaconda" have been nominated?

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