Taye Diggs (Best Man Holiday, Private Practice) is taking a turn away from acting to try his hand at hosting a game show. Fox announced Tuesday that Diggs will be the front man of their new game show, You're Back in the Room.

The show is a replica of the British game show where a team of contestants must work together to complete a series of simple tasks like icing a cake or blowing up balloons with one hitch - they'll all be under hypnosis. Keith Barry, who also worked on the original show, will serve as the resident hypnotist.

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"The second I saw this show I knew I needed to be a part of it. It's the most unique blend of comedy and competition I've seen in years," said Diggs in a press release. "I'm also quite excited as this is a program I can watch and laugh at with my six-year-old son."

The show will begin production in July though a premiere date has not been set.

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