Tamara Taylor by Art Streiber/Fox Tamara Taylor by Art Streiber/Fox

Her honeymoon may be over, but for Bones star Tamara Taylor the memories of her June 10 wedding to attorney Miles Cooley in Mexico are still fresh.

"It was amazing. Amazing!" the newlywed tells TV Guide exclusively at the July 23 Fox All-Star bash on Santa Monica Pier. "All that planning that I was nerve-racked about actually came together."

The only wedding catastrophe came with the henna tattoos that made the bride an hour and a half late for the ceremony. "That actually was a little scary," Taylor recounts. "The henna that I had done took five and a half hours to do."

As for Bones scoop, Taylor will only say the words "Pony Play" in reference to the season's second episode. "It's a very risqué episode, and the writers are pulling out all the stops. They're having fun." - Reporting by Carita Rizzo