Charlie Sheen, <EM>Two and a Half Men</EM> Charlie Sheen, Two and a Half Men

It's been quite a summer for Charlie Sheen. The Two and a Half Men star has an Emmy nomination and a new girlfriend, as well as a messy custody battle over his children with estranged wife Denise Richards. Sheen opens up to TV Guide about his roller coaster of a life.

TVGuide: What do you make of your Emmy nod for lead actor in a comedy series?
Charlie Sheen:
It was not about the work. It was about the year I've had. It was about the town saying we have really got your back. At least that's what I think it is, if that's the reality. But that's up for debate. Win or lose, the nomination is a huge victory.

TVGuide: What's it like to be nominated with your dad, Martin Sheen (as guest star on Two and a Half Men and lead actor on The West Wing)?
It is pretty cool that my dad and I got nominated. He is the odds-on favorite for best actor. At least Jimmy Gandolfini is not in the category this year. Jimmy is the thorn in the Sheen family's side.

TVGuide: How are you doing after such a rough year? 
I'm great. There is a lot of stuff I'd like to talk about, but can't for personal reasons. It is not the type of behavior that I have pursued or supported, but it is very tempting to lower myself into that cesspool and engage in some battle. At this point all I can control is my reaction to stuff.

TVGuide: How's your family holding up? 
My kids are doing great, and my dad is going off to college in Ireland in September.

TVGuide: What's your new girlfriend, Brooke Mueller, like?
She's fabulous, a very sweet lady.

TVGuide: Any other new projects?
There's not time for anything else. I spent the summer being demonized and persecuted, and now I am going back to work.