So You Think You Can Dance So You Think You Can Dance

Thursday night's elimination show was the dancers' last chance to prove they're worthy of moving on to So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 finale. Whose dreams were dashed? Who still has a chance to be named America's Favorite Dancer?

The good news first: Melanie is safe, which is no surprise. Joining her in the finale is Marko, her partner in the pre-Top 10 portion of the competition. (Their statue dance is still easily one of the best routines of the season.)

So You Think You Can Dance performance photos

Sasha, the other female "beast" this season is also safe, which means it's bye-bye Caitlynn, who danced an amazingly angst-y but mature Sonya Tayeh routine Wednesday.

After a performance from American Idol finalist Pia Toscano, we find out which other guy is safe ... and it's Tadd! His fans didn't hate that chandelier number after all. That means Ricky is gone. So long, Ricky! We'll see you and Caitlynn both on tour.

Who do you think will win next week?