Nigel Lythgoe Nigel Lythgoe

So You Think You Can Dance gave a reprieve to the contestants last week after forgoing eliminations — but unfortunately that meant this week is a bloodbath as the judges were forced to send four dancers home.

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Following a Dave Scott group number, which was very reminiscent of The Thomas Crown Affair, Cat Deeley jumped straight into revealing the bottom three. Missy and Wadi, who performed a Jean-Marc Genereux cha-cha on Wednesday, were the first couple, followed by Iveta and Nick, who were laden with Bollywood, one of the more difficult styles. Ryan and Ricky rounded out the competitors who would dance for their lives.

Among the dancers sticking around for at least another week are Sasha and Alexander, whose perfectly timed military reunion piece made two judges cry on Wednesday. Early fan-favorites Melanie and Marko, as well as Jordan and Tadd, also easily out-danced the competition.

So You Think You Can Dance elimination stunner!

After each of the bottom three pairs danced for their lives, Nigel Lythgoe said Ryan wasn't dancing to her full potential, but the judges decided to keep her, meaning Iveta and Missy are out of the competition. As for the boys, Lythgoe said Ricky had never danced better than in his solo. "You laid yourself out there tonight... and that's why we are keeping you," Lythgoe said, while breaking the news that Wadi and Nick are the first boys of Season 8 to be sent packing.

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