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Getting summoned to the vice principal's office isn't quite a bad thing — not when the VP looks like the very lovely Brit Cat Deeley. The stylin' So You Think You Can Dance hostess flexes her funny bone, guest starring on the January 9 episode of the dance-filled buddy Disney comedy series Shake It Up.

TV Guide Magazine: Is acting something new for you?
Deeley: I haven't done a lot of it — the last time I did was probably about eight years ago on a live TV show that was like Saturday Night Live. It was something I really enjoyed doing, so when the Disney Channel approached me about doing this I kind of grabbed it with both hands, because it was something I really missed. It was a good chance to get my feet wet again and to see if I enjoyed it, and actually I loved it!

TV Guide Magazine: Who do you play?
Deeley: I play Vice Principal Winslow, so I have to be a little bit strict and a little bit stern. I found that really hard, because, as you know, that's not naturally my disposition. But in the end, it's very sweet and a really fun part to play.

TV Guide Magazine: Are you the straight person to the show's very funny young stars Bella Thorne and Zendaya?
Deeley: No, there's actually quite a lot of comedy. Rocky [Zendaya] bubble wraps the entire vice principal's office, so not only is there written comedy, but there's also physical comedy in it, too. There's one particular incident where I wanted to trip a bit when I walked around the office and I fell for real and I literally fell right to my knees. Everyone is like, "Are you OK?" And I'm like, "Yes, yes, yes — make sure you use that [take] — it was really funny!"

TV Guide Magazine: Sounds like you might have gotten a bruise or two doing this?
Deeley: Nooo! That's the great thing about bubble wrap — you just bounce right up again.

TV Guide Magazine: Is VP Winslow as fashionable as you are?
Deeley: [Laughs] My tastes are very eclectic and slightly out there to say the least and she plays it very safe — still chic, but very safe.

TV Guide Magazine: WC Fields said "never work with animals or children." Agree?
Deeley: That's what they always say and I've worked a lot with both. I always enjoy [children's] honesty and their thrill for life. These girls [Zendaya and Thorne] are amazing — they put me to shame! They had their lines down in two seconds flat, they remembered all their marks and while still being lovely kids, too.

TV Guide Magazine: Will we get to see you dance on the show?
Deeley: No way! The kids are far too amazing — they would put me to shame.

TV Guide Magazine: How else have you been keeping busy?
Deeley: I'm looking at producing a couple of shows — one that's kind of like a home show and another [that's] a makeover show. We're in the pitch phase at the moment.

TV Guide Magazine: Would you be interested in doing more scripted television?
Deeley: If it's the right thing at the right time with the right people in the right part. It stretched me and it was a challenge that I very much enjoyed.

TV Guide Magazine: Do you have a dream role?
Deeley: I would love to be in Sex and the City in some shape or form — I've just always loved that TV show. I think I've watched every single episode at least 80 times. [Laughs] If they still did the show, I would probably give my right arm for a role.

TV Guide Magazine: Is the door left open for you to make a Shake It Up return?
Deeley: Yes, quite possibly. It's a door that's left slightly ajar, but completely bubble-wrapped. [Laughs]

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