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Switched at Birth Video: Will Bay and Emmett Get Back Together?

Bay is a "hot mess" this season, but an old boyfriend is returning!

Robyn Ross

Sorry, Bay and Emmett fans, this Switched at Birthbreakup is sticking for a while.

"They're really over in the premiere," Vanessa Marano says in the video above. "She's devastated. Girl is a hot, hot mess and kind of losing it a bit. So that's fun to watch! It's depressing as all get out and super sad, but also kind of entertaining because she's just eating coffee and potato chips and we've all been there. ... But an old boyfriend comes back. I just can't tell you which one."

Switched at Birth Exclusive: How is Bay handling her breakup with Emmett?

Sadly, it's only downhill from the premiere for Bay and her entire family. "We get into money problems, which is really difficult for a family that's been super wealthy," Lea Thompson adds.

Teases Marano: "When we come back, we're picking up with the breakup and Bay being devastated, and then Daphne is going back and taking chemistry again to try and become a doctor. And the Kennishes seemingly have it together [but don't financially] and by the end of this first episode something crazy happens that dramatically changes the course of the season." (Spoiler alert: We've seen the episode and she's not exaggerating.)

Switched at Birth returns on Monday at 8/7c on ABC Family.