Switched at Birth's Bay may want to forget drunkenly sleeping with Tank, but when the college launches an investigation into the possible rape, she'll be forced to confront what did — or didn't — happen.

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Tuesday's episode began with Bay (Vanessa Marano) waking up in bed, naked with her ex Tank (Max Adler). As Bay thought more about the incident — and those around her got wind of what happened and offered their own thoughts on the touchy subject — Bay confronted Tank, who offered a much different account of what happened. So what happens now? In Part 2 of the story, more of Bay's family — not to mention her boyfriend Emmett — finds out what happened. And despite the school's aim to keep the case confidential, word gets out and Bay and Tank must now deal with this publicly.

"We came up with this story a little bit before it became front-page story," creator Lizzy Weiss says in the exclusive video above. "Our girls are now in college ... It is the No. 1 conversation on campuses right now. How do we not do a story in which one of the girls deals with campus assault? It's really focused on the question of consent. ... Do you need explicit consent, and how drunk is too drunk to get that?"

Adds Marano: "I think [the episode] is going to stir up a lot of conversation — positive, possibly, and probably negative. But what was really important to us, was to stir up a conversation."

Also, in the exclusive sneak peek from next week's episode below, Bay's moms sit her down to ask if the story she had shared to Regina about her friend, had actually happened to her.

Switched at Birth airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on ABC Family.