Molly Parker, <EM>Swingtown</EM> Molly Parker, Swingtown
Molly Parker likes playing pioneering women. On the mean streets of

Deadwood (circa 1876), she was headstrong Alma Garret, and now on

Swingtown (circa 1976), she's open-minded suburbanite Susan Miller. Parker talked with us about the buzz surrounding her new series — and no, it wasn't generated by that wacky '70s weed. (Swingtown airs Thursdays at 10 pm/ET, CBS.)

TV Guide: Swingtown is creating a stir.
Molly Parker: It's interesting. Clearly the show doesn't shy away from sexual subject matter. But it's not a show about sex, it's a show about the inside of these marriages.

TV Guide: Any '70s memories?
My memories are those of a child. I grew up in Canada on a farm. I remember the music, the clothes... it was a much freer time. I have no memory of swingers, though!

TV Guide: What's Susan like?
A seeker. She was pregnant at 16, did the right thing and got married. Now suddenly she can pursue ideas of personal freedom. Because of the moment she's in, she's really interesting.

TV Guide: Compare Susan with Deadwood 's Alma.
They are both powerful women curious about the world. Alma was never really allowed to be fully human. Susan [lives during] a time when things really began to change.

TV Guide: Does Deadwood have a future?
Not that I know of. The set is gone!

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