Fisher Stevens Fisher Stevens

The entertainment business is known for big personalities and bigger egos, so when Fisher Stevens was cast to play a theater director on Law & Order: SVU, he knew exactly who to use for inspiration.

"There's a director that I've never worked with but I've tried to work with, and I don't really like him or his personality at all. I'm not even going to say his name. but in my mind, that's who I'm seeing," Stevens says. "His arrogance and narcissism are rampant, although he's talented."

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In the episode airing Wednesday at 10/9c, Stevens plays Ted Scott, who's involved in an Special Victims Unit investigation when an actress' sexual assault is mistaken for a performance by a theater audience. "He's a very lonely man. You'd never know it because he's always surrounded by beautiful woman," Stevens says. "He preys on his students a bit. His ego is a bit out of whack."

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