Chloe Sevigny Chloe Sevigny

When the husband is away, the wife will play. But is she really just playing?

That is the question at the center of Wednesday's episode of Law & Order: SVU (10/9c on NBC) when Manhattan housewife Christine, played by Chloe Sevigny, is raped and abducted in front of her husband (Mad Men's Rich Sommer) via web camera. At first, the case seems cut and dry, especially since there is a witness. But once there is a demand for ransom, questions begin to circulate about the wife's real story.

Law & Order: SVU's end of the affair: "This never happened"

Christine is "sociopathic," Sevigny says in this exclusive video interview. "She's probably just a really self-destructive person. I feel like she took advantage of her husband — probably married him for the money and is probably really bored in her marriage and just likes the cheap thrills."

So why continue lying — if that is what's going on — when she risks losing everything? "She's been getting away with it for so long," she says. "She doesn't think she's going to get caught."

Watch this exclusive behind-the-scenes video from Sevigny's chilling guest spot:

Will the team figure out what's really going on? Or is there is truth to Christine's story? Law & Order: SVU airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.