My suspicions about Jordan Collier's premature demise were validated when the self-styled guru of the 4400 Center turned up alive on a lakeshore looking like Monty Python's "It's..." Man. Something told me Jordan would be resurrected, and it wasn't just the script I read beforehand. However, I'm stumped as to how he fooled the Reaper. Perhaps he got some unaccredited assistance from Criss Angel, whose tricks are so weird he's probably as much of a 4400 as Bill O'Reilly (if the hate mail I received is any indication, Bill's devotees make Jimmy Page's seem thick-skinned). I know Collier didn't emerge from the water, because he was dry from head to toe. I suspect he was taken back to the future, outfitted with rags and carefully scraggled for some weird purpose. The only example of the future Diana and Tom have to go on is Kevin Berkoff, who, although paranoid, rescued the victims of the deadly inhibitor by cooking up a serum after drawing blood from a Rosetta stone (or as we call her, Isabelle). I thoroughly enjoyed Dennis Ryland's being squashed by his own Firewall, mainly because he is a soulless paper pusher, of which there are far too many in this world. Given what NTAC did to poor Kyle, I admire Tom's restraint in not knocking Ryland  through the pavement. I love Kyle's ethics. Even though he was thoroughly brainwashed into "killing" Collier, Kyle refuses to let Roy Marsden an unequivocal bastard take the rap. Then Kyle spills his guts to Shawn, who reacts by performing what can only be described as an exorcism. It climaxed with a psychic blast that propelled each of them across the room. A powerful display even for the recovering Shawn, who by his own admission felt "like I did 15 keg-stands last night." He certainly looked inebriated when he drank in the sight of a grown-up and stunningly nude Isabelle standing in his doorway. Marco and Diana's kiss was nearly as intoxicating, but it's Maia's party-pooping announcement ("Nothing's over, it's just starting the war") that'll maintain the buzz until next season.