Raising 10-year-old twins is tough, but battling her tribemates on Survivor: Pearl Islands was even tougher for Maryland mom Trish Dunn. The 42-year-old was voted off after she tried to form an alliance against the Drake tribe's resident fisherman, Rupert.

"I think that Rupert absolutely should have gone," Dunn tells TV Guide Online. "It was a very good time for him to leave the game, because it was before we went into the merge. He was just so dominant in both tribes, and he was just so vocal about how much the other tribe liked him and how he could manipulate anybody on the other tribe."

A few telling moments made Dunn feel threatened by the self-proclaimed pirate. "Rupert once said to me, 'When I came back from Morgan, if Burton wasn't gone, I would have opted to stay with them,'" she reveals. "Which sent up a big red flag. If you are supposed to 'Mr. Drake,' and we didn't pick the right person, you would have just jumped ship?

"What really surprised me was that, when pushed, Sandra and Christa buckled so quickly," Dunn continues. "Because they both were very vocal that they did not want to go down to the final two with Rupert. I think that they panicked. And you know what, I can appreciate that. But the whole time that Christa was there, she would say, 'I love Rupert. but he's going to be a force to be reckoned with after the merge, because he is strong. I want an even playing field, and he's not going to give us that.'"

What about resident smooth-talker Jon — would Dunn have preferred going down to the wire with him? "I knew that Jon was very manipulative," she laughs. "But I liked Jon a lot, even though he was very obnoxious. There was something about Jon; you couldn't trust him as far as you could throw him, but when he talked, you kind of believed him. It is a very weird thing. It's a talent the guy has."