Survivor: Pearl Islands's Tijuana Bradley showed undying support for her failing Morgan tribe, survived a tough merge and weathered fallen alliances — only to be booted off the show on the eve of her 27th birthday. "I told myself that I had to make it to my birthday," she laments to TV Guide Online. "I wanted to be able to say that on my 27th birthday I was on an island competing for a million dollars. That was one of my biggest dreams!"

At least she went out with a clear conscience. Just days before her ouster, Bradley forfeited an opportunity to spend quality time with her best friend so that grieving tribemate Jon — who had just learned that his grandmother had died — could hang with his buddy Dan. Of course, after watching Thursday's episode, Bradley learned — along with the rest of us — that Granny's death was just an elaborate scheme concocted by Mr. Johnny Fairplay. Bastard!

"I was very frustrated because I had sacrificed time with Billy for Jon's benefit," she angrily adds. "Most of us thought 100 percent that he was telling the truth. A few had inklings here or there, but we never knew for sure.

"But at the same time, he [made his intentions clear] at the beginning," she adds. "It's not like he changed in the middle and decided to be a liar. He has been that way the whole time — and he's further along than I am, unfortunately."