Erica Durousseau, <EM>Survivor: Fiji</EM> Erica Durousseau, Survivor: Fiji

Last week on CBS' Survivor: Fiji (Thursdays at 8 pm/ET), Erica Durousseau learned that bossiness was much worse than incompetence. A mere day after she saved her starving and dehydrated tribe by discovering a plethora of pineapples, the Ravu crew decided to oust her simply because she expressed her opinion during a challenge. As a result, a chopping block-bound Sylvia was saved, even though she was deemed a weaker link. had to find out from the Louisiana native if she thinks that Ravu is just plain hopeless. Did watching your torch snuffing on TV make it really sink in?
Erica Durousseau: It did. And to see everything unfold.... It was surprising. Do you think they voted you out just because of that one freakout, or because you were a strong player?
Erica: I was a strong player, and I think I needed to be really careful about not giving them an opportunity to vote me off. I think I took a chance by screaming in the challenges. It is hard not to scream if they are doing something wrong.
Erica: Right. And nobody was really listening to me, so the more I got ignored, I got a bit louder. I was doing well, but it just took one opportunity for them to say, "Hey, she's a threat, we've got to get her out of there." But then again, if you didn't say anything they'd probably say you didn't contribute.
Erica: It is a game of luck. I couldn't quite tell: When you were yelling, did you have the right piece of that pole to put together?
Erica: No. I think about three of us had some puzzle pieces in hand, and there were a few pieces on the ground that we totally forgot about. One of those may have been the correct one. But the one that I was screaming about, no, it was incorrect. The day before, you were a hero for finding the pineapples. That doesn't count for anything?
Erica: I guess not. All of the battles that are won are short-lived on Survivor, apparently. Earl even wanted to marry you, since you "saved his life" with the fruit.
Erica: [Laughs] That was so funny. I loved that part. I had no idea. There were a lot of surprises when I watched it last night. I wonder if when he gets back from Exile Island, he'll be mad.
Erica: I'm curious to see his reaction to everything, what is going to be the outcome, how it is going to unfold, and how they explain [to him] my absence. I really am eager to see that. Yeah, the tribe defending their decision to go against the plan by keeping Sylvia will be interesting.
Erica: Yeah. That's what got me — I was totally blindsided because before Sylvia even got back [from Exile island], it was already established that she was next to go. I felt totally comfortable in being a strong person and being one of the stronger women. I felt like I was safe, at least for another three days. Did you have an alliance?
Erica: I had an alliance with Rocky, which was another bombshell that I saw last [week]. I had an alliance with him and started developing a friendship with Earl. After Earl left for Exile, I don't think I had a leg to stand on. Did you have a strategy going in?
Erica: Yes, to be strong and helpful. I knew I was going to have to adjust to the people that I ended up with, but my main focus was to go in and be needed by the tribe and to help provide and to be strong in challenges. That's what I did, but it wasn't enough, obviously. What did you think about the haves/have-nots twist?
Erica: In my mind, I kicked it into high gear because I knew that if we lost the good island and we lost the shelter, it was going to be a struggle. I took it seriously. Do you think it is something the Ravu tribe can overcome?
Erica: I think they can. Right now, a lot of them are just playing individually. It should still be a team effort and team focus to get rid of the weaker people. I don't think it is fair, but Survivor isn't fair. It is about the game and outlasting everybody else. What's next for you?
Erica: I'm back in Baton Rouge, where I work for the American Heart Association as a marketing director. I'm open to any other possibilities that can come from this. I'm just excited and happy for the opportunity to be on the show. How's life down in Louisiana these days?
Erica: You have to come and visit! I want people to come and visit New Orleans, keep track of the growth all over Louisiana. We're trying to rebuild and get it back together, and we need tourists. People should just come out and enjoy Louisiana, the food, the people... just everything.

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