The verdict isn't good for Survivor: The Amazon castoff Deena Bennett. Last week, her tribemates denied Deena's motion to eliminate Alex, opting to oust her instead. Now, this strong-willed deputy district attorney is back facing real juries in Riverside, Calif., instead of pesky tribal councils. Here, she spares a few minutes to brief TV Guide Online about what's next on her docket.

"I wish I was more back into the real world, and I could just put this little episode by the wayside," Bennett groans. "I'm very happy with criminal prosecution. This is what I am best suited for."

While most reality "stars" wouldn't spurn the spotlight in favor of their usual daily grind, this happily married mom is done with her 15 minutes of fame. "Although," she chuckles, "for those cameo appearances on CSI as a real prosecutor, I'm always open."

While many viewers may've been put off by the 35-year-old lawyer's gruff personality, it's helped her gain respect from some unusual suspects. "I think that I represented myself well," she says. "The nice thing is that I now have [crime] victims coming up to me saying, 'I'm so glad that you're our D.A. because we know that you are going to do your best, and that you are hard-nosed, and that you are a hard-charger.'"