Jeff Probst, <em>Survivor</em> Jeff Probst, Survivor

Survivor: Worlds Apart, which pits white collar, blue collar and "no collar" contestants against each other, has come down to five contenders.

The Sole Survivor of the show's 30th season will be revealed during the live reunion showon Wednesday, but we thought we'd put the question to you, Survivor fans. Who do you think should win Survivor: Worlds Apart?

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Let's review the remaining players:

Mike Holloway (Blue Collar): A huge threat in challenges who's also made some wise strategic moves in the game, Mike stands a great chance of making it to the final three - but winning the $1 million will depend on who he's up against on the jury.

Rodney Lavoie (Blue Collar): If Rodney makes it to the final three - and that's a big if, given his performance in the challenges - he faces an incredible uphill battle in trying to secure any votes from the jury, let alone a majority.

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Carolyn Rivera (White Collar): "Mama C" is probably the favorite to win at this point. She's been great in challenges, deftly navigated her alliances, been lucky in finding idols and probably has the most friends on the jury.

Will Sims (No Collar): Will is the weakest link of the bunch, having basically floated his way along to the final five. He doesn't pose a threat in challenges, and because he hasn't engineered any big moves in the game, the only way he stands a chance of getting jury votes is if the jurors are looking to cast a vote against another player.

Sierra Thomas (Blue Collar): Sierra has been a quiet underdog for most of this season, but has started to emerge as a mild threat in challenges as of late. However, given that her gameplay has been mostly unmemorable (at least from an at-home viewer perspective), she'd probably have a hard time securing votes.

So, who do you think should win Survivor: Worlds Apart? Vote in our poll and explain why in the comments!

The Survivor Season 30 finale airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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